Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some Recent Deaths

Larry H. Miller: 1944-2009

A pillar of the Mormon business community, Miller was the owner of the Utah Jazz basketball team as well as auto dealerships throughout the mountain west, he was also the financer of The Work and the Glory movies, and The Joseph Smith Papers Project. Miller got national media attention several years ago when he refused to screen the gay romance Brokeback Mountain at his movie theaters, presumably on moral grounds, while still allowing torture porn like Hostel to play there. Though that is perhaps an unfair thing to remember him for, as he was quite committed to charity and civic involvement in his community. Miller died of complications from diabetes.

Paul Harvey: 1918-2009

Along with the likes of Alistair Cook and Studs Terkal, one of a pioneering generation in radio broadcasting whose life seemed perpetually rejuvenated by his love of the medium. On the radio almost consistently since a boy in 1933, Harvey’s style was all his own, he could be opinionated, but always in a soft style, and his signature phrases and vocal cadence were somehow very endearing .I personally just loved how he’d say: “Stand - by - for Neeewwwzz”. Always old timey .Click this link for the rest of the story.

Socks the Cat: 1989-2009

That was one old cat, he survived both Bush administrations! Probably the most iconic presidential pet of my lifetime (sorry Millie).