Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Energy Drinks

Like the Phoenix New Times I too noticed this recent Ensign article and thought to myself: “Oh, another new don’t”. This one follows I suppose, some of those energy drinks are worse then coffee, and it correlates nicely with a cultural Mormon rejection of Pepsi and all things caffeine. However the anti-cola disposition has never been formalized, one can still enjoy a Dr. Pepper and attend the temple, the same of course being true of energy drinks, abstention here is a “council” not a “commandment”. However in addition with not being good for your system, Red Bull certainly will not count in your favor when applying for celestial admittance.
What Mormons Like : This is a fun and pretty accurate examination of Mormon cultural eccentricity, of which I am an ardent hobbyist. Especially check out entrees on Mormon names and the setting-up of single Mormons.